Arthritis Specialist

Arthritis pain, as most physical pain, is linked to inflammation. That’s why, unlike most traditional physicians who merely prescribe pain medications or surgery, Dr. Mark LaBeau uses an integrative approach to reduce inflammation throughout your body to alleviate arthritis symptoms. To learn more about Dr. LaBeau’s innovative and effective arthritis treatments, call to schedule a consultation with him at the Stengler Center in Encinitas, California.


Arthritis is a painful inflammation of the joints that can cause stiffness, pain, and swelling. It is a condition that is most commonly found in people over the age of 65 – although younger people may develop the disease. It is present in all races and ethnicities.  

Arthritis develops when the padding between bones breaks down over time. This can be aggravated by injury, age, and physical activity using the affected joint. Contrary to popular opinion, arthritis is not caused by popping or cracking your joints, but by more repetitive wear and tear on the body. Genetics are also an important factor in whether you develop the condition.  

Arthritis can be treated with pharmaceuticals, but often, unnecessary and painful side effects accompany the use of this medication. Dr. LaBeau has a tried and true method for treating arthritis without the use of medications or invasive surgical treatments.


Dr. LaBeau performs a thorough evaluation to determine if your joint pain is caused by arthritis. Dr. LaBeau takes a detailed family history, complete blood screens along with a detailed musculoskeletal exam. This will allow him to integrate his structural knowledge about arthritis with his knowledge of nutrition and integrative health to help you experience relief from the painful symptoms of arthritis.  


Following his detailed diagnosis, Dr. LaBeau consults with you to allow you to see all your options for treatment. Dr. LaBeau will recommend a course of treatment that allows you to have the best chance of reducing or eliminating your arthritic symptoms and restoring function to your body.  

Dr. LaBeau will incorporate diet and exercise into your routine, and he may recommend that certain foods be eliminated in order to facilitate improved functioning. Dr. LaBeau will incorporate his nutraceutical approach to enable you to utilize the vast supplements available to combat and reduce incidents of arthritis. Some patients may benefit from the anti-inflammatory effects of chelation therapy.  Also, most patients benefit from addressing the chronic effects of past musculoskeletal injuries and postural imbalances. As well, Dr. LaBeau is highly trained and experienced in non-pharmaceutical injections that relieve pain and inflammation and stimulate tissue healing. One example is the injection of ozone into joints, known as Prolozone.

You will benefit from Dr. LaBeau’s knowledge and passion in treating arthritis, and you may note an improvement in your quality of life after your first treatment.