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Chronic Pain Management

Back pain is the leading cause of disability in America today. Unfortunately, traditional medicine treatments are often ineffective at relieving pain long-term.

Back and Chronic Pain

Back and Chronic Pain Specialist

Back pain is the leading cause of disability in America today. Unfortunately, traditional medicine treatments are often ineffective at relieving pain long-term. At the Stengler Center in Encinitas, California, however, Dr. Mark LaBeau’s patients achieve lasting results, thanks to his Osteopathic holistic, integrative approach that focuses on each patient’s total health and well-being. To learn how Dr. LaBeau’s treatments can help with your lower back pain, call to make an appointment today.


Back pain has a variety of causes. First and foremost, your spine provides strength and stability to the rest of your body. It also protects your spinal cord, which transports your nerves from your brain throughout the rest of your body. Subsequently when your back is injured or compromised, the effects are often felt throughout your body.

Nerves as they exit the spinal cord can be compromised from spinal misalignments, ligament strains, and muscle spasms.  This then can cut off the vital blood and nerve supply to your head, extremities, and body organs.  The eventual effects are pain and dysfunction of that affected part of the body.  

Some of the conditions that commonly lead to back & chronic pain include:

  • Musculo-skeletal conditions like scoliosis, , spinal stenosis, and spondylolisthesis
  • Metabolic conditions like arthritis, asthma, digestive disorders, PMS, pregnancy, etc.
  • Surgical history with laparoscopy, post-op scar pain, or for heart bypass, cancer, etc.
  • (Lifestyle and work habits, such as sitting or standing for long periods of time without taking breaks, poor posture, carrying heavy or unbalanced backpacks or purses, poor lifting technique, wearing high heels or shoes without sufficient arch support, and even sleeping on an unsupportive mattress)
  • Carrying heavy backpacks or purses
  • Poor lifting technique or frequent lifting of heavy objects
  • Extensive driving and commuting
  • Sitting for long periods of time on the computer or cell phone
  • Sleeping on an unsupportive mattress
  • Injuries from car accidents, sports accidents, or slip-and-fall accidents


As an Osteopathic physician, Dr. LaBeau is trained to evaluate if your pain is related to a musculoskeletal malalignment (structure), a metabolic imbalance (chemistry) or a combination of both.  He has found that most of his patients suffering with chronic pain have two or more areas of their health out of balance.   This creates an additive effect and allows the problem to become chronic.

Dr. LaBeau is also concerned about your overall health and wellbeing. His medical practice is holistic, which means that his treatment goes beyond treating and masking your symptoms, like back pain and works to identify the root cause of your pain and addressing issues that will improve your total body health.

Dr. LaBeau offers thorough physical exams and interviews to discuss your lifestyle, diet, exercise habits, and family history. He will guide you through a series of movements to diagnose any loss of strength, flexibility, or range of motion.  If necessary, tests or scans will be ordered to rule out any contributing factors. As well, Dr. LaBeau is highly trained and experienced in non-pharmaceutical injections that relieve pain and inflammation and stimulate tissue healing. One example is the injection of ozone into joints, known as Prolozone.

Patient manages chronic pain in Encinitas, CA


Dr. LaBeau provides comprehensive and customized treatment not only to relieve your (lower) back pain, but also to heal the underlying condition responsible for your discomfort. Each patient has a unique experience and what helps one person may not help another.

The first treatment consideration for Dr. LaBeau is running tests and treating any metabolic organ dysfunctions which are causing one’s back pain.  The next step is to do a musculoskeletal evaluation and trial of therapy to try to relieve the pain.  The treatment can vary from positional release techniques to soft tissue therapy or even vertebral adjustments dosed according to the individual patient needs.  

Next, selective nutraceutical supplements or occasionally even prescriptive medication will be advised to elicit a total and timely healing response.  Additionally, Dr. LaBeau might offer Acupuncture or the use of Regenerative Therapy injections for a deeper healing effect.  

Dr. LaBeau will also work with you to implement lifestyle changes, including diet and exercise habits to support better overall health. Often, being well hydrated, eating a vegetable centered anti-inflammatory diet, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy weight will help your body to function optimally and be in the best possible condition to heal.

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