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Cancer Supportive Therapy

If you’re battling cancer of any kind, Dr. Mark LaBeau can help improve your strength, immunity, and overall well-being.

Cancer Supportive Therapy

Cancer Supportive Therapy Specialist

If you’re battling cancer of any kind, Dr. Mark LaBeau can help improve your strength, immunity, and overall well-being. Dr. LaBeau’s holistic and integrative treatments have better equipped numerous patients in their fight against cancer for over 25 years. Learn about how Dr. LaBeau can both be your doctor by providing Cancer Supportive Therapy, but also coach you through the process of becoming another Cancer Survivor.

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Often when a patient has cancer, their oncologist focuses on fighting the cancer. Many of the treatments for cancer, like radiation and chemotherapy destroy healthy tissue as well as the cancer, resulting in symptoms like muscle wasting, fatigue, digestive issues, hair loss, and irritability.

Dr. LaBeau offers nutritional therapies, including dietary changes and supplements to boost your immune system response and to support your body’s ability to flush out and remove toxins. This is especially important as traditional cancer treatments flood your body with toxins to target and destroy your cancer.  He has found that an important part of supporting and preventing recurrence is diagnosing and treating as many causative factors as possible.  This will include making dietary changes to improve any health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, etc. that you are dealing with additionally along with cancer.  Also, treatment to help to detoxify your body from any heavy metals, chemicals, or chemotherapy that you might have been exposed to.  

With a vegetable centered whole food diet as the foundation additional supplements are tailored to your individual cancer and to support any nutritional deficiencies found to support your immune system. His therapies also include intravenous therapies such as high dose intravenous vitamin C.  As an Osteopathic Physician, Dr. LaBeau has additional training in musculoskeletal medicine.  This unique approach considers what impact diminished blood, nerve and lymphatic circulation from musculoskeletal restrictions has on a patient’s cancer.


Cancer can be defined as the lack of elimination of dysfunctional cells that leads to an excess production of abnormal cells.  When these abnormal cells grow into a cluster of cells, they will eventually appear into what we call a tumor.  Occasionally, these tumors are benign causing no harm, but too often they are malignant and if untreated can cause failure of one or more body systems and lead to death.  Cancers are named according to the organ they initially arise from along with a pathological description of their cell type.  

The most commonly seen cancers are breast, prostate, lung, colon-rectal, and melanoma.  As a cause of death, cancer is only second to heart disease.  Although some cancers are genetic, it has been found that typically environmental and lifestyle factors play a dominant role in causing cancer.  Specifically, inherited genetic mutations significantly contribute to only the development of 5 to 10 percent of cancer.  

Though many lifestyle choices can significantly reduce one’s risk, age is the one risk factor one has no control over.  In fact, according to the American Cancer Society, 87 percent of the cancer diagnosed in the U.S. are in individuals 50 years of age and older. 


Dr. LaBeau offers treatments that complement and support the treatments prescribed by your oncologist. While your oncologist effectively reduces the amount of cancer in your body, Dr. LaBeau can effectively support you and your body’s immune system to have a better chance of winning the battle with cancer.  Each patient is unique and Dr. LaBeau customizes treatments to address your specific condition and health needs.  

By partnering with you in your healing process your risk of recurrence is greatly reduced while your quality of health is optimally improved.

Most importantly working together with Dr. LaBeau you too can thrive not just survive your cancer! 
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