Diabetes Specialist

Diabetes affects millions of Americans who end up reliant on medications and suffer from a variety of dangerous complications. However, from his practice at the Stengler Center in Encinitas, California, Dr. Mark LaBeau offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to managing diabetes with a commitment to lifestyle changes to diet and exercise habits, combined with supplements and integrative medicine practices. Call to make an appointment today. Dr. LaBeau will partner with you as you take control of your health and your life.


Diabetes is a disability that renders the body unable to process sugar effectively out of the bloodstream. It consists of two distinct variations:

  • Type 1 diabetes can be a genetic defect that if present predisposes one, often after an infection, to produce antibodies which attack the cells that produce insulin.
  • Type 2 diabetes is developed from a high carbohydrate diet and is characterized by the insulin produced to be inefficient in controlling sugar. This type of diabetes is typically seen in overweight individuals as young as the teens and 20’s.

Diabetes can cause a variety of health problems in the body, including neuropathy, swelling, and increased desire to urinate. If left untreated, it can often prove to be fatal or require amputations due to decreased sensitivity in the arms and legs. This can result in painless injury, which can infect and fester, especially in the feet. 


Type 1 diabetes is genetic and is often passed from parents to children. Other factors that possibly influence expression are:

  • Country of residence
  • Age weaned from breastfeeding
  • Dietary such as gluten proteins
  • Gut flora
  • Viral infections

Type 2 diabetes is influenced by both preventable and non-preventable factors such as:  

  • Being overweight or obese
  • Excessive sugar intake
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Family history
  • Belonging to certain racial or ethnic groups who have genetic markers for diabetes


Since diabetes is linked to the way your body produces and uses insulin, which regulates your blood sugar and energy levels, changes to your diet can often reduce the severity of your diabetic symptoms. Dr. LaBeau can prescribe a diet regimen for you that reduces refined carbohydrates, excess sugars, and empty calories that cause weight gain and a spike in the blood sugar level.   Additionally, the use of individually selected nutraceuticals can help facilitate the body’s insulin function as well as reduce the dosage and often need of prescription medication.

Dr. LaBeau can provide you with an exercise regimen that will support your healthy habits and encourage weight loss. Maintaining a healthy weight helps your body to more effectively produce and use insulin. Dr. LaBeau uses a holistic approach to help you improve your health and increase your energy and stamina.

Connecting with Dr. LaBeau could change the way you manage your diabetes and your overall health, adding quality years to your life to enjoy with those who are dear to you.