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Chronic Pain


We are now in the third-year use of the various COVID vaccines and the list of unexplained symptoms that are presenting in patients along with the inability of doctors to make a diagnosis seems to be ever increasing. This is leaving patients either discharged without any treatment options or left to manage a chronic undiagnosed condition on their own! Additionally, it has become harder to ignore the realities of the increased death of newborn babies after delivery, young males in their 20s & 30s having a heart condition, and a significant increase in findings by morticians of blood clots the length of one’s leg being found after death.

UN-Forgiveness: The Cancer of the Soul

We all will experience times to offer forgiveness and times we need to ask for forgiveness. The ultimate goal, for a blessed life, is to be proficient in both. While putting this article together a patient shared the Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness.‍

ACUPUNCTURE - Basic understanding

Essentially, acupuncture, in its essence, is a practical medical application of such Chinese philosophical concepts such as Confucianism. This philosophy looks at an individual to be an integral part of nature. It compares the similarities of the working and healing aspects of people, as individuals, and nature.

Pre & Post COVID Immune Support

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Treating Chronic Pain

80% of our body is musculoskeletal and prone to strain or injury.

Migraines – More Than Just A Headache

Migraine accounts for 64% of severe headaches in females and 43% of severe headaches in males.